101 lesser known facts about me!

  1. I am 23
  2. I afraid of cats!
  3. I love temples and churches
  4. I rarely go to cinema with other people as I cry waterfall while watching movie
  5. When it gets late I begin to fall asleep no matter where
  6. I love playing Casio
  7. I am bad shopper. It takes me ages to choose
  8. And one day I realize, I write better than I talk
  9. I put people’s happiness before mine
  10. I believe – Everything happens for a reason
  11. I sing like I am a born singer
  12. Although I am not the most outstanding person, I hate doing what everybody else is doing unless I genuinely like it
  13. I have an odd sense of humor
  14. I have had a huge crush on Ranbir Kapoor & Virat Kohli
  15. I stay at home a lot
  16. I have very limited food choice
  17. I am almost never sure about what I want but I am always sure about what I don’t want!!!
  18. My friends love my walking style
  19. I love All colours!
  20. I never compete for attention
  21. I say more ‘NOs’ than ‘YESs’
  22. I rarely say sorry. But I mean it when I say it.
  23. I don’t like to follow trends
  24. I am an unorganized girl.
  25. I do what I love to do & do it obsessively
  26. I always read newspaper from last page
  27. Not a foodie either.
  28. But I love ice-creams!!!
  29. I don’t call others bad words even if they annoy me
  30. I don’t give compliments untill I feel that you truly deserve it
  31. My favourite number is 9
  32. I over think about almost everything
  33. I sound rude until you get to know me
  34. I can spend countless hours in doing nothing but thinking
  35. I am social media enthusiast but I hate fb sometimes
  36. I talk fast when I get super excited
  37. My math marks were horrible when I was in school
  38. I had a boycut hair when I was in 4th standard
  39. I love to use hyphens when I write
  40. I don’t like to celebrate my birthday
  41. I hate Pizza
  42. I always wear high heels no matter how tall I look
  43. I don’t cook usually, but when I cook I like to pretend I am on a live cooking show
  44. I love odd numbers. I do everything in odd numbers
  45. I love to look at the sky
  46. I was used to called Bamboo and Kerosene in my school days
  47. I love spending time alone
  48. I am allergic to sour food
  49. I love to take photos! mine of course
  50. I hate my voice on phone
  51. I have one sibling, a younger brother – who makes me laugh like no one else can
  52. I will die if there is no Music!!!
  53. I am very loyal
  54. I love reading and writing
  55. I hate mustard seeds
  56. Smtyms i typ lyk dis
  57. When someone compliments me…omg! I become shyest person in the world. I don’t know how to react ( He bhagwan uthale mujhe..!)
  58. I believe in over-dressing
  59. I like girls more than boys
  60. I save small things. silly things
  61. I love contacts/glasses
  62. After having soda, I pretend like I had an Alcohol
  63. I have a list of people I need to hug before I die
  64. I once went on a college trip – Dubai, It was Amaaaazing & I would kill to go back
  65. I love kids
  66. I want my hair blue
  67. I love driving my car alone
  68. I so hate daily soaps
  69. I have 16 cousins
  70. I am 5’6
  71. I always sleep with blanket over my feet
  72. I want tattoo on my side face
  73. I believe – Music literally sounds better at higher volume
  74. Half of the time I really don’t know what I am doing. I just go with the flow
  75. I love my last name
  76. I have a long long list of a food, I don’t like!
  77. I love water
  78. I forgive easily
  79. Ones I had a severe fight with my Principal
  80. My worst fear is being burned alive
  81. I have never cheated on anyone & would never!
  82. I love eye-liner and red lipstick
  83. I want to live more than 100 years
  84. I walk 45 mins everyday
  85. I can make my eyebrows dance
  86. I so love sandwich
  87. I love to laugh & I can laugh REALLY loud
  88. I can wiggle my ears (ofcrs without touching)
  89. I love to play Chess.
  90. My upper and lower teeth don’t touch in front.
  91. I cry. A lot. I automatically cry if someone is crying in front of me
  92. I love exclamation mark!!!!!!!!!!!
  93. I have extra feeling for poor people. I can do anything for them
  94. I still don’t really know how to cook
  95. I have a serious fetish for shoes
  96. I want to smoke Ones in life! Ones Only!!!!!!!!
  97. I am super sarcastic
  98. I don’t believe in love at first sight
  99. I rub my feet together when I sleep
  100. I believe in God
  101. & its my birthday today !!!!! 🙂 ThnakYou for reading!!! 🙂

She Was Beautiful!!!


“ She was beautiful, but not like those girls in the magazines. She was beautiful, for the way she thought. She was beautiful, for the sparkle in her eyes when she talked about something she loved. She was beautiful, for her ability to make other people smile, even if she was sad. No, she wasn’t beautiful for something as temporary as her looks. She was beautiful, deep down to her soul. She is beautiful…!!! ”

#ThatsTheRealBeauty #Reality #DefinesYou #F.ScottFitzgerald


Those Moments…!


Those moments where I am alone, I am alone, Just me and my pillow. I think. I think about everything, anything. The room is so silent,but my mind is so loud. It drives me crazy because the things I would never think about, I think about. Sometimes I hate it,because it brings up things I’d rather not think about again.The split seconds before I fall asleep are the most active times of my life!!!

And in that split seconds,my mind goes crazzzy. I start to think about all those impossible goals I have set for myself. At last I start to think about* how an idiot like me could do something as great as that…!

But, God has a time for us all, obviously if I’m still here there is a reason. I have faith… that no matter how shitty things are right now, god has something beautiful planned for me in the future. Belive me God has a bigger plan for us than we have for ourselves.